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 Lyde Description and Other Things about Lydes

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Lyde Description and Other Things about Lydes Empty
PostSubject: Lyde Description and Other Things about Lydes   Lyde Description and Other Things about Lydes I_icon_minitimeWed 1 Aug 2012 - 2:18

A lyde is a horrific thing, beautiful in it's build, delicate on it's feet, but lethal to any other animal.

Physical Description Picture a horse and a Raptor from Jurassic Park got mashed together. That's about right. They are just shorter. If you don't know what I am talking about, then here is how Ezazel described them, since he is the only horse at the moment to have a face to face and win.

"The creatures. They are short, but amazingly smart. They have a horses body, but it is covered in scales. They have no mane, but instead they have short brightly colored feathers that stick straight up. Their tail is about as long as a horse's, but it looks like a snake. They don't have hooves, they have separated toes with a long claw on each of their front feet. Their teeth are long, and jagged, but only show when they open their mouth. They have four long daggers that would tear into a horse quicker than anything. They coordinate their attacks. They hunt in threes. First, something moves, making you walk in the opposite direction, usually towards a dead end. Then 5 minutes pass and you think you are good. But your not. They stalk you. Watching how you move, studying you. Then you see what you think moved earlier. And then you try to hide. Then the one you are watching stops. Turns, and heads your way. Then the other two leap on you at the same time. One going straight for your neck. The third one attacks at your chest. They don't kill you. They eat you. Alive."

He continued on to talk about how amazing they are. They need no communication to know what they are doing.

Known Weaknesses The only know weakness that a lyde has is to sunlight. They are creatures of the shadows. Hunting mainly at night. If you manage to get a lyde into direct sunlight their scales being to turn brown, then burn. It will not kill them though. But it does tend to make the back up.

Other Things You Might Want to Know Each lyde has its own individual colors. The feathers for their mane are usually brightly colored, but only lit if they want them to be. They are also very patient. They will wait for hours to get the advantage.

How to Kill Them The general idea of chopping off their heads works very well. But if you can't do that you can try one of the following.

-Drowning them. It takes awhile, but does work.
-Stopping their heart from beating. Either by a sharp object or a electrical shock.
-Cutting of their food supply. These things need to eat at least every 5 days. If you can somehow stop that, then they will die of starvation.
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Lyde Description and Other Things about Lydes
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