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PostSubject: Caroline   Caroline I_icon_minitimeFri 19 Oct 2012 - 1:15


Horse Name: Caroline

Breed: Saddlebred

Gender: Mare

Height: 16.2 HH

Relationships: N/A

Personality: Sadistic at times, with a bitter, dry sarcastic humor to back it up.
Caroline does not usually express open malice, although it isn't out of the question for her (and her jokes) to be cruel, or simply morbid. Motivated by a passion for 'Science', although, her experiments on living beings generally do not appear to have any real purpose. Manipulative, often lying about her own emotions or a actual person horse. Caroline can, alternatively, have a sick, twisted form of kindness to someone, even expressing a almost motherly protection against the same horses she'd insult. She has been known to show occasional signs of Lima syndrome. Because of her constantly changing persona, it is questionable about which side is her actual personality.

History: Caroline was born from a pure blood family, with parents who could have cared less about her existence. This likely was the start of her twisted personality (As seen above). It is generally unknown where her passion for Science began, but it is clearly sometime in her young childhood. Little is known (even to Caroline herself) about this time in her life, as she personally has blocked most of the memories. It is suspected she however, grew up in a environment with little love, and lots of expectations from her family. Pressured as it was, she refused to leave, and stayed.

Caroline lived far from the lands of Myst, although stories were told to her of such a land from her grandparents, she had long decided it was fairy tales and nothing more than that.
Humans soon came to the herd in which she lived, and Caroline was captured. The other horses did not try to save her, oblivious to her screams of protest and left as fast as they could to avoid the humans. We arrive to another blank in her history. This one is longer and blacker, and when we arrive at the end, Caroline is fully grown. It is apparent that experiments were ran on her, as her once normal brown eyes had been changed to mechanical ones, that glowed with a yellow light. She was still alive, but in a different sense then before. Different areas of her body had been replaced with different technology, strange things she had no name for. The humans prodded and poked her, with the interest of seeing what made her scream, and what made her tick.
Yet again, a blank passes, at which she had escaped killed her captors. Caroline traveled far from the land she used to call home, and accidentally wandered into a dark forest. Other creatures seemed to avoid it, and she had decided it would be a good place to stay. Far from the pain and the hurt and her emotions.
It was the first time she saw a herd of Horses getting eaten alive by Lydes from a distant hill that she realized where she was.
This was Myst.

Caroline has never looked back since.

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PostSubject: Re: Caroline   Caroline I_icon_minitimeFri 19 Oct 2012 - 15:06

Accepted! Welcome to Myst!

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