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PostSubject: Calder   Calder I_icon_minitimeWed 28 Nov 2012 - 7:21


Horse Name: Calder

Breed: Exilis Equus
Calders own breed

Gender: Stallion

Height: 16.6 HH

Relationships: N/A

Personality: Passive–aggressive behavior, even verging on sadistic, bitter and morbid.
That is only when Calder feels threatened, as his personality shifts drastically. It's said to be because of his breed, a defect of a not yet known species. It is, of course, suspected to be common. Calder is usually a gentleman, of sorts, (gentlestallion?) kindly guiding souls that are lost and helpless out of peril, if they don't run away from his face first. Calder speaks in odd terms, for when he speaks with mares he refers to them as dames and misses,
and other stallions as sirs. Polite, then.
His image often scares others away, and Calder is a bit lonely and sad over this, but is always eager to put his own feelings aside for helping anyone who would listen. And yet with his politeness, comes a quiet social life. Feeling a little awkward around other creatures, he chooses to remain silent, or speak in little bursts most of the time.
Little else is known about Calder, except that he must be understanding of others to not hold much of a grudge over them and their fear of him. Perhaps, even, Calder dislikes himself.

History: Calder came from a lonely, dark forest not unlike the first Region of Myst.
The creatures that lived there were few, or lost souls who Calder always attempted to help, but even when Calder was younger, others feared him and deemed him a demon. He doesn't know why he was there in the first place, he simply woke up one day with a knowledge of everything as he'd already been taught these things by his mother, and moved on, albeit confusedly. For centuries he searched for others like himself, but he found not a glimpse of himself in any creature of the land.

And that search eventually led Calder to the land known as Myst, where he felt as at home as he ever had in his own land.
The region he came into, the first region, was dark and shadowed with trees. It wasn't so different, he thought.
Calder even helped a few souls off into clearings, the ones that were not scared off by him were usually understanding, although they had always seemed terrified for a reason he did not understand. The day came when Calder was told of Lydes, and it came as a shock to him. Calder had never been afraid of walking in the woods alone, for daylight as comforting as it was, held much more activity, and he did not want to frighten the other horses.

Calder doesn't remember much else of his history, although he still aches to find out how he came to be. Until then, he is simply content with this land, and does not wish to leave, despite it's many dangers.

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PostSubject: Re: Calder   Calder I_icon_minitimeThu 29 Nov 2012 - 21:49

Accepted! Welcome to Myst.

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