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PostSubject: JackFrosted   Sun 2 Dec 2012 - 14:21

Name: Jack Frosted, to those who believe.

Breed: Unknown

Gender: Stallion

Personality: Jack is the equine spirit of winter (im totally obsessed but don't kill me LOLOL) and he's more so a loner; he can't trust everyone-he basically can't trust ANYONE. Jack will do anything to protect those dearest to him, he loves the cold (considering he is the cold)

History*: Jack is the winter Spirit, and basically invisible to those who don't like winter at ALL. for those who believe in JackFrosted, can actually see him, as himself; as Jack. When Jack was younger, he froze to death but was brought back to life, as a Spirit. Jack controls winter, and around him, is unbelievably colder than anywhere else. He is unable to feel warmth, and can't keep anyone warm. Jack doesn't really know anything about his past, and can't make a good conversation. Jack is the coldest Equine like ever (wooww total movie references) and is a loner. Hes never had anyone to trust, and he probably thinks he never will. With Jack, comes the cold and snow, and frost. He has the ability to create winter.




Say All I need

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PostSubject: Re: JackFrosted   Sun 2 Dec 2012 - 14:35

Welcome to the Myst!

(obsess much?)
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