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 JetFire -Horse Registration-

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PostSubject: JetFire -Horse Registration-   JetFire -Horse Registration- I_icon_minitimeWed 1 Aug 2012 - 10:20

Name; Jetfire

Breed; Saphyra

Gender; Stallion

Height; 16.1 HH

Relationships; None yet

Personality; Very upgoing and is as energetic as a young foal. Usually very happy. Loves to play with everyone and make new friends. Doesn't exactly deal with harsh situations well. When in trouble will panic alot.

History; Born on the south coast of Italy from two domesticated Saphyras and had a twin. Very strict owners saw flaws in him. They sold him to black market traders who didn't see much potential in the young foal either and sent him off to North America on a cruise ship. On the trip he met other horses yet they were not friendly. They treated him poorly in which he had to learn to defend himself. And from that he grew strong and full of confidence.
When the ship reached America he was let off alone. Fire ran to a subtle little area a took it as his home. Little did he know that hunters actually were camping there. The next morning he awoke to bright lights and crowds of people. Where was he? An auction. Jetfire was very frightened but there was one girl who saw it in him and comforted him. Soon on she bought him from there and was taken in to live at her ranch in Moscow, Russia.
Each summer she sends him off to America to run free and see if his brother is there. Sometimes meeting new Saphyras and friends.
Also I was wondering are we allowed to register only 1 horse?
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PostSubject: Accepted   JetFire -Horse Registration- I_icon_minitimeWed 1 Aug 2012 - 13:17

Welcome to the Myst

Also, from reading his history and personality, it sounds like he would make a good fighter. If you would like him to join the military then please do, we need soldiers.
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JetFire -Horse Registration-
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