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 Now I'm looking for a reason why

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Now I'm looking for a reason why Empty
PostSubject: Now I'm looking for a reason why   Now I'm looking for a reason why I_icon_minitimeSat 8 Dec 2012 - 0:47

//this is open for really anyone since I am forever alonely//

Jack walked through the snow; dragging his hooves behind him, he looked back at the small trail of frost and sighed. "hello" he said, hoping someone would hear him. Jack glanced up at the sky; too sunny, not enough snow; more cold is needed.
He swished his tail, and a light snow started falling; the sky became cloudier and the air became crisp and thin. He trotted around in a circle, leaving a little trail of frost spelling his name in a hopeless and desperate attempt to be seen. He heard a bird cawing and glanced up to see a big black crow in a tree. his lips curved into a mischievous smile; as he walked over and sent frost flying up the tree to the branch with the crow. It started freaking out and flew in circles above the tree; Jack trotted away with a smile of satisfaction.

He felt sick; sick of the world and why he was how he was. Invisible. Jack took his feelings out on others quite often. This time he decided to cover half the region in a slippery ice; and laughed as horses slid across it into a snowbank; landing safely. He made sure no harm was done. Once finished with his daily trouble-making, and terrorizing the horses of Myst, he returned to looking for someone, calling out 'hello!' or 'anyone there?' numerous times.

Say All I need
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Now I'm looking for a reason why Empty
PostSubject: Re: Now I'm looking for a reason why   Now I'm looking for a reason why I_icon_minitimeSat 8 Dec 2012 - 0:56


zakariel wandered purposelessly through the white snow that had suddenly decided to coat the ground and fall from the sky. he snorted in annoyance at the newly added hindrance, the cold seeping to his bones. he heard another stallion calling in the distance, it was a lonely call. pitiful really. zak himself had never really worried about being alone himself, as cliche as it would seem he always had a willing mare waiting in the wings should he find himself in need. while it was true that it didn't earn him good relations with other stallions, zakariel was content with his life. he felt no obligation to himself to explore any sort of emotion he might have on the subject, for looking deeper would just make things more complicated thatn they really were.

the startled caw of his crow companion drew zakariel's attention upwards. the black bird flew in circles, clearly agitated with the volley of frost that was thrown towards him. "synn." zak hissed lowly, calling the bird to him. the voice he'd heard earlier sounded again, louder, closer. he rolled his eyes. synn settled on his withers, claws clutching the bright scarlet of zakariel's mane. "i'm here." zakariel said in response, a dry tone making it clear that zak thought very little of the other stallion already.

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Now I'm looking for a reason why
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