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 The creek - open -

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PostSubject: The creek - open -   The creek - open - I_icon_minitimeSun 9 Dec 2012 - 14:33

The creek - open - 10dwjs0
Slowly she opened her deep brown eyes. Long locks lapsed over her eyes when the mare stood. She snorted softly to a small bird in the air. It was midsummer, the time that Hazelin loved the most. The winter was cold and wet, so nothing for her. Birds whistled their finest songs and the mare enjoyed it to the fullest. She would never have to leave this wonderful life. She had the eternity at her disposal. Hazelin was a Solven mare. The breed was known that they were immortal and had horns. Though the mare had a deviation. A normal Solven had stripes on his legs, she didn't.

Hazelin put her slender figure in a fast trot. She almost flew through the forest, fast as she was. Myst was a beautiful area. She lived here with pleasure, many had the mare not to fear. Only for lydes she had to watch out, they were dangerous. Yet she was never bumped to one.

In the distance was the sound of a babbling creek audible. Thirst bubbled in her dry throat up. It wouldn't be wrong to take a few sips of water. Hazelin galloped to the creek. Immediately the mare bowed her graceful neck and greedily took a few sips of water. Grateful for the water she whinnied softly. A twig cracked somewhere behind her. Hazelin turned her ears back. She wondered who it would be.

Open for anyone C:

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The creek - open - Empty
PostSubject: Re: The creek - open -   The creek - open - I_icon_minitimeMon 17 Dec 2012 - 17:00

Diamond was taking a morning trek along the lakes of Myst. She loved splashing in the shallow banks. The water was warm yet cool, then crisp in the early air. Hoofprints and the scent of another mare took her interest away from her childish games. Not far into the woods she saw the mare drinking from the alluring creek. She didn't want to startle her by coming from behind, so she made her way to the other side. Gracefully, she trotted to a narrow section of the stream. It only took a quick, soft jump to get on the other side.
Hello there! Diamond greeted as she bowed her head into the water. Im afraid we haven't met. Im Diamond. She beamed at the fellow mare to express her friendliness. The mare's features where outstanding. Diamond was attracted to her unique color and horns. She wondered what it would be like to have them behind her ears. Her muzzle found it's way back into the fresh spring.
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The creek - open -
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