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PostSubject: Luxe   Thu 27 Dec 2012 - 20:31

Name: Luxe

Breed: Rocky Mountain Horse Pegasus

Gender: Mare

Personality: A lifetime of being a herd leader's prized daughter has given Luxe a grace of superiority and pride. She carries herself as if she is more superior than she may be, and does not accept help from others in fear that they will assume she is unable to care for herself. This pride has led to great ambition, the desire to be with the most attractive or most powerful stallions in order to boost her own status. With her tongue of silver and coat of gold Luxe is a creature of lust and manipulation, cunningly appealing when she desires to be.

History: Luxe was the coveted daughter of a powerful herd leader until a pack of (in this case) lydes stole the herd's lives under the cover of darkness. She was the only one to escape, although she suffered injuries in both wings, scarring them and rendering them useless. Much of her confidence was lost after the attack, although pride still remained. After traveling for days upon nights, she entered Myst.
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PostSubject: Re: Luxe   Fri 28 Dec 2012 - 0:59

Accepted! Welcome to myst!

(Omg so pretty. ;_;)

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