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 Cross my heart and I hope to die

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PostSubject: Cross my heart and I hope to die   Sat 29 Dec 2012 - 23:27

Layka trudged through the snow, and mumbled to herself; a bunch of useless gibberish that she knew was un-important anyways. She let out a deep puff of white cloudy air. Even the snow couldn't make her feel better; she was going to have her foal in a few days, and still didn't have a name for it! She wandered around in big circles, retracing her steps till the grass showed through the white blanket. Picking up speed each lap around, she found herself galloping as fast as her legs could carry her. She was huffing and puffing, and figured she may as well have been the big bad wolf.

"Stupid-little, good-for-nothing, worthless!" Lakya mumbled, a little louder than a whisper, but quieter than her normal voice. She looked around to see If anyone had heard her, and continued galloping in huge circles. "Calm yourself!" she shouted; directed at herself, but It honestly had sounded as though it were to an imaginary horse in front of her."
"Gosh, chill out. I'm not doing anything wrong." said another voice. Layka had turned around, to see that nothing was there; shook her head and continued pacing.
"Fine, fine, Ignore me as much as you please!" it said once more.
"Who is there?!" Layka shouted, and spun around to face a tall white and blue horse. She almost knocked into him and fell back. "Who are you, and what do you want?!" she shouted.
"My name's Jack, Jack Frosted" he smiled, and spoke with an icy tone.
Laykas mouth dropped open, and she shook her head and spoke with a soft tone, "I'm so sorry! had I known it was you, well; I don't know.. Nevermind" she finished off speaking for the moment, looking up at him, then back down sheepishly.
Jack chuckled and walked away. "Hey! just learn to chill out" he laughed, and then a pile of snow fell ontop Laykas head from the branch above. She smiled.
Layka started walking around different areas, rather than pacing for a good two or three more hours; or until her legs let up. She found herself in a small peaceful forest, and started looking around for another horse.
"Anyone here?" she spoke confidently, not yelling; because she wasn't foolish, and knew better than to yell in forests, where Lydes may be lurking.

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PostSubject: Re: Cross my heart and I hope to die   Sun 30 Dec 2012 - 3:19

Seeker shakes his body for the 12 thousandth goddamn time that day. It was freezing. He shakes snow off, and as he does, heres the faint call of a horse asking if anyone was there. He trots stiffly towards the sound, his muscles frozen together it seemed. He stops in front of an obviously pregnant mare who seemed to not mind the winter conditions. "I am." He whinnies, his breath creating steam in front of him.

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Cross my heart and I hope to die
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