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 Horse Registration And Other Horse Rules (please read)

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Horse Registration And Other Horse Rules (please read) Empty
PostSubject: Horse Registration And Other Horse Rules (please read)   Horse Registration And Other Horse Rules (please read) I_icon_minitimeMon 6 Aug 2012 - 1:26

Horse Registration and Other Rules

General Guidelines

*Wings, horns, cloven hooves, powers/magic, just about everything is accepted.
*Fantasy breeds from DeviantArt are allowed. (e.g., Saphyra, Zephyre, Nordanner, etc.)
*Horses may not stand over 20hh or be shorter than 5hh.
*Please have an official reference linked or shown in the description. This will allow mods to review your character registration.

How to Register

Start a new topic in the Horse Registration thread. The title of your post should be the name of your character.
When registering your horse, fill this out this form:


*Optional, but preferred.

*There is no minimum amount of detail that you may to put in the personality or the history.
*Before roleplaying your character, you must wait for your horse's registration to be accepted. If it seems to be taking too long, feel free to pm a mod.
*If you're horse has been declined, a mod will state in their reply why.

Horse Behavior Inside Myst

*Horses are confined to the region they are in. You may automatically ask to be moved up into the next region. You can not ask to go from region one to region three. You must first go through region two.
*Horses are allowed to fight, but powerplaying is not tolerated unless you have been given permission by the owner of the character you are roleplaying with.
*Horses rarely win and/or outrun a lyde without the aid of a trained member of the Castra. Since a lyde is a raptor/equine they can reach speeds up to 40 mph, if not a little bit faster.
*Horses are allowed to challenge a herd/region leader. More information below.

Changing of Herd Leaders

*No herd leader is safe when it comes to another horse challenging the current leader. Not even the king. (although, it's not really advise-able you try to attack him) This is how leaders change in Myst. In general, there is a pecking order per region. Each region is considered a herd.
*The pecking order is as follows:
-Alpha (and mate if he/she has one)
*The beta and gamma ranks should only be occupied by one horse (per rank) The mate of the horse should not be included in the rank.
*Any horse can challenge the rank. Mare, Stallion, or Foal.
*To challenge the leader, post a new topic in the region that you would like to try to dominate. Then put a tag of [CHALLENGE] at the beginning or end of the title. This will alert the herd leaders to come and check it out.
*If you horse wishes to fight to stay in charge, then they may fight. But, you can also have the current leader "submitt" to the other horse, giving up the power without a fight.
*In the advanced regions (regions 2 through 4) Herd leaders will deal with upgrade topics.
*If (and only if) the herd leader loses/or sumitts, then you should pm PrintedShadows about it. I will then change the herd leaders.
*As a general idea, you should not fill the alpha, beta, gamma ranks with all of your horses. This can spread some of the work around.

Breeding in Myst

*you do not need permission to breed. But, as a general rule, don't post the details of the contraception.
*Mares are very vulnerable to lydes right before, during, and right after the foal is born. The smell of the blood also attracts them a bit.
*Since this is a wild rpg, two stallions (or mares) can not get together and have a foal. So no gay foals. (no offense)
*How you write the birth, and the time after it is completely up to you.
*Foals will stay in the region of the mother after birth. They do not need to upgrade. (EX- if the mare is in region three, then the foal is born, the foal will automatically be in region three.)
*It is possible for the mare to die during birth. And the foal too.
*Twins are not allowed to be born and everybody walk away happy. As in the real world, the mare tends to die, and so does one, if not both, or the foals.
*Unicorn/Pegasus breeding are completely up to you as how the foal looks, and if the foal has wings/horn or not.

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Horse Registration And Other Horse Rules (please read)
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