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PostSubject: F A Q   F A Q I_icon_minitimeTue 21 Aug 2012 - 21:10

Here are a few of the things I have answered quite often for people wondering if they should join, if you still have a question, comment here and I will try to answer.

Question: What skill level do I need to join Myst?
Answer: None! You can be entirely new to role playing or a seasoned pro. It doesn't matter!

Question: How long should I make a post?
Answer: Preferably, more than 5 lines. Unless of course you are fighting, in which everything should be blow by blow, so then one line is alright.

Question: How many horses can I role play in Myst?
Answer: As many as you want! Just please try to role play for them on a weekly basis. Or tell the other players if you are having a long vacation. Constantly checking the fourm to see if they posted is no fun.

Question: How can I become a moderator?
Answer: Well. We are currently full of moderators. If you want to become one pm me here, or dA note me, and I'll add you to a list, and if one of the current moderators steps down, you can take their place.

Question: How can my horse become a alpha, beta, or gamma in a rank?
Answer: You can challenge the current leaders horse. You need to create a new post, title it, then add [Challenge] at the beginning or end of the title. Please say what rank you are wishing to have and the current leader will respond.

Question: Can I play a horse in multiple posts doing various things?
Answer: Yes. Everybody likes too. The more activity the better! Just don't have a major conflict between the two. (like the horse can't die in one post, but still live in another)

Question: In Character, what words are acceptable?
Answer: The horses can cuss. If that is right up your character's alley then the time comes, have them cuss. I must add, try not to have them drop the f-bomb every other word. That just looks bad.

Question: Out of Character? What does that mean?
Answer: The post for out-of-character is where you can just chat. Completely out of character. It's like the backstage of the role play. Anything and everything goes.

Question: I need help. Who can I ask?
Answer: Any moderator should be able to help you. Plain and simple. Or, possibly another player. Don't be afraid to ask, we don't bite. Hard.

Question: I want to know how to start role playing...
Answer: If you have an accepted horse, then you can either post a new topic, or reply to a current one. We only ask that you follow the flow of the topic. Please, read the rest of the topic before posting. Also, don't interrupt the middle of the fight, or any very repetitive conversation.

Question: I don't speak very good english, can I still play?
Answer: Yes! You most certainly can! I would like to have some other than American and British players on here. If you don't know how to phrase something, then just add something at the bottom of the note, saying that you don't know if you said it right. Usually, you get it close enough and everything is good.

Question: I want to report somebody, what should I do?
Answer: Well. In this case I would like all Myst-realated topics to stay in myst. So please, pm a moderator and we can take care of the problem.

Anything else? Just comment here or pm me and I should be able to answer it for you!
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