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PostSubject: Marwoleath   Marwoleath I_icon_minitimeThu 30 Aug 2012 - 20:57

--Horse Name



Not that Im aware of

Anyone that knows that Marwoleath knows not to get on bad side. Not afraid to attack anyone hes been known to rip horses to shreds. In fact the hot head almost killed his previous mate on first meeting. However when calmed and when his curse of never ending hunger has subsided just enough a different horse appears. His silver pupiless eyes turn a golden amber a darker shade shows where a pupil should be. His face grows into skin on the other side and his horns become small stubs on his head. He can be quite the charmer during his calm sessions. The cannibal isn't afraid to make his presence known. His personality can shift within moments. His daughter Lilwen is often on his tail as she and her mother had a falling out. Marwoleath is almost never seen with her though, as he finds her a nuisance
--History (optional.. but preferred)
-is too tired or lazy to do this-
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PostSubject: Re: Marwoleath   Marwoleath I_icon_minitimeMon 3 Sep 2012 - 11:43

Welcome to the Myst
(sorry it took so long. I thought somebody else was gonna do it *looks at them*)
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