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 dulcis caedes & aecus

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PostSubject: dulcis caedes & aecus   Thu 30 Aug 2012 - 22:22

name// dulcis caedes (caedes or cae)
breed // friesian
gender // female
height // 15.3hh
relationships // half-sister to aecus.
personality // caedes prefer solitude, other than the shadowing company of her brother. her name literally "sweet carnage", decay being the physical effect she has on things. where ever she goes, the land around her will slowly start to begin it's sickly sweet spiral into death. caedes has little amount of control over it, and she does not want to burden any company with the dangers of her abilities. caedes has a fiery soul, and anger constantly burns deep in her veins. she hates how she is, does not at all relish the thought of killing everything she touches. she is prone to fits of self-destructive behavior, quite often reckless and relentless in her exertions. caedes will overwork herself to the point of oblivion if it means temporarily escaping the death of everything around her.
history // tbpo
other // as stated before, anything- living beings included, will slowly start to decay when in her presence. the effect runs for an indeterminable distance, perhaps 300 yards. it's nothing exact. the only time another being can be in her presence is when her brother, her balance, aecus is around. he is life. the land will not rot and nothing will die so long as he is with caedes. this is the reason why they travel together. to protect others from caedes, and caedes from her self-destructive behavior.
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name// aecus
breed // arabian x unknown
gender // stallion
height // 16.0hh
relationships // half-brother to caedes
personality // aecus has an exuberant personality. he is often lively and in good spirits. however playful his demeanor, he is still incredibly responsible. aecus is used to being a voice of reason, especially with his careless sister. being her balance, (aecus literally meaning balance), aecus is everything she is not. he is life, she is death. aecus is radiant, while caedes is somber.
history // tbpo
other // aecus gives the beginnings of life to anything around him. for anything caedes kills, he revives. if they are together their powers negate each other, resulting in nothing happening on either of their parts. when he is alone life will flourish, as when caedes is alone everything deteriorates. they can uphold an appearance of some type of normalcy if they stick by each other.
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[note: they are rarely, if ever, without the other due to the nature of their abilities. that is why they are signed up together. think of them as two parts of one whole]
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PostSubject: Re: dulcis caedes & aecus   Thu 30 Aug 2012 - 23:51

Welcome to the myst!
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dulcis caedes & aecus
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