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PostSubject: Oxymoron   Mon 3 Sep 2012 - 5:20


Horse Name: Oxymoron

Breed: Arabian

Gender: Stallion

Height: 15.3 HH

Relationships: None yet

Personality: Oxymoron is stuttering, and usually nervous. Although he does try to be helpful, he's not the most graceful and tends to stumble around a lot. This said, he doubts his ability to help out at all. He's sweet, and very friendly with most everyone.

History: Oxymoron didn't have a very interesting history. At least, not compared to others. His mother took pretty much care of him for most of his life, before she was killed by Lydes. By then, he was old enough to take care of himself. This doesn't mean he's good at taking care of himself. He's almost died several times since on the most ridiculous causes. Almost falling off cliffs, generally being a idiot and running into trees because he wasn't paying attention. Because of his slow to learn brain, Oxymoron was shunned by most other horses for his sheer stupidity. Today, he's used to being alone or generally embarrassed in front of everyone for his lack of grace. (Especially compared to the rest of his breed, which is known for it's ability to glide with ease over the ground.)

tracingcolours @ deviantART
[avatar credits: resurgere, gothicbohemianstock, & sooty-bunnie @ deviantART]
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PostSubject: Re: Oxymoron   Mon 3 Sep 2012 - 8:43

Accepted. Welcome to Myst, Oxymoron!

Your argument is invalid.
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