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 A New Start

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PostSubject: A New Start   A New Start I_icon_minitimeTue 9 Oct 2012 - 21:08

He huffed hard enough that he could see his breath. It was cold out, to him at least. He was from the south, where it was warmer. Seeker knew the area better by now, since Duchess had shown him around. Now the stallion was just wandering about, looking for a friend. Actually, a mare, to start a family with possibly. The idea seemed out of reach to him, any mare having any feelings for the stallion who almost always had a bad attitude. Well, did anybody ever think to give him a chance and maybe he would be different? Seeker stops walking as a few bunnies cross his path.*Must be easy for them* he thinks. He starts to walk again, coming across a small lake. He stops and gets a drink, thirsty, then continues walking to a large rock where he lifts his head to look around, then whinnies. Just a whinny, to get himself out there.

Your argument is invalid.
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A New Start
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