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 Rules for the Myst

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Rules for the Myst Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the Myst   Rules for the Myst I_icon_minitimeWed 1 Aug 2012 - 4:36

- The Rules -

-All players should be nice to other players at all times. No hating or in any other means intentionally hurting the players feelings.

-Powerplaying is allowed under certain circumstances. If you have asked the horses owner and they have agreed to let you powerplay THAT horse. One okay doesn't work for all horses. IF this seems to be a problem then I will not hesitate to change this rule and no powerplaying will be allowed. Period.

-Horses in the herd can fight each other. As a precautionary measure, you can not kill another players horse. If the player wishes to have their horse kill then they (the owner) may write their death. You may not kill another person's horse. Plain and simple.

-Adult Content. Since the site is a 12 and up thing, and since horses do reproduce in the wild, your horses can have sexual relationships. They can cheat as well. The only thing I must ask is no details please. Simply saying They both walked off to spend the night alone would work.

-New arrivals. Why we were on the topic... All foals born in the Myst will either be automatically accepted into the region of their mother or father. If the parents live apart in different regions then the foal must choose one and stick with it. Love between regions is allowed. Just not contact if that makes any sense.

-Horse vrs Lyde. Horses of the herd should not attack them. As the horse almost always looses. If the horse wishes to draw lyde blood then they should go register with the army. Army fighters have a much better chance at winning. Don't forget, lydes hunt in threes. It's not a bad idea to have at least a five horse hunting party.
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Rules for the Myst
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